#149 – 1159 Dundas Street East

Those who know me well know I spend every free minute and dollar working on the design and construction of my home. It’s a passion I inherited from my mother, my frequent companion on adventures to salvage yards.

My family is moving to New York. I’ve been offered an amazing role, which I’ll post about shortly. But it means that my design project of the last 15 years is complete.


The good news is that if you like what you see it can be yours. We listed our home for sale this week, bringing an end to our time in Leslieville and Dundas Street East.

I designed and built everything in these photos, including the walls, layout, and cabinetry; even much of the furniture. I’ve spent countless hours in workshops and at the wheels of rented vans reclaiming salvaged materials and re-purposing them into contemporary design.

I’ve loved every minute of it. Especially spending time with my friends – Alan, Gregor, Chris, Marty, and Martin – who’ve made the time to lift their side of things and my family – Powell, Catherine, Claire, Simon, D’Arcy, Nancy, David, Linda, Adelaide, and Audrey – who have helped and tolerated me in equal measure. Finally, a big thank you to Stephani Buchman,  Christopher Hazard, and Trevor Black for helping me document it all.

Wherever we land in New York, I’m looking forward to the next project.

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