Remembrance Day

Both my grandfathers fought in WWII. My maternal grandfather, Jack, was a Lieutenant in the armored core, training soldiers how to pilot tanks. He then studied at Khaki College while helping oversee the return of soldiers back to Canada. Led to a career in the early days of the airline industry, retiring as the VP, […]

Next Level Astroturfing

The for-profit appropriation of social movements is in full swing. When companies like @Uber organize "grassroots" efforts, who's the user, and who's being used? — NYT Opinion (@nytopinion) August 6, 2015 “Rhetoric of philanthropy in pursuit of profit — strategy at which Coursera has shown exceptional skill” ^ @podehaye — Frank Pasquale […]

#149 – 1159 Dundas Street East

Those who know me well know I spend every free minute and dollar working on the design and construction of my home. It’s a passion I inherited from my mother, my frequent companion on adventures to salvage yards. My family is moving to New York. I’ve been offered an amazing role, which I’ll post about […]