Rethinking Small Dollar Fundraising

Money-making As a non-profit, Mozilla has access to four types of revenue: grants, gifts, donations, and earned income. Our earned income streams come through Firefox, which leaves the other three – grants, gifts, and donations – to be driven by our fundraising strategy (the focus of this post). So far, and while we can always […]

Extending the Product Metaphor

<– Part II: Grants, Gifts & Donations Mozilla is an organization that builds and ships products. But our definition of ‘product’ extends beyond the piece of software or program – the widget – at its core. Building a product involves delivering on a brand promise. It means achieving stability, consistency, and permanence. It involves shaping […]

Grants, Gifts & Donations

<– Part I: The Revenue is the Model Mozilla’s new fundraising strategy will see us pursue grants, gifts, and donations in sequence. Projects will launch with grants, focus and grow with gifts, and sustain themselves with donations and earned income. The strategy is based on key assumptions about each type of funding: Grants Gifts Donations […]