Remembrance Day

Both my grandfathers fought in WWII. My maternal grandfather, Jack, was a Lieutenant in the armored core, training soldiers how to pilot tanks. He then studied at Khaki College while helping oversee the return of soldiers back to Canada. Led to a career in the early days of the airline industry, retiring as the VP, […]


2013 was a challenging but rewarding year. We moved from a development team of one to a full team of six. We took on rebuilding our small dollar program. And we played with models on how best to deliver our programming. It seems to have paid off. We have a solid team of new leaders […]

Update on Anniversary Dinos

Earlier in the spring, we ran a donations campaign providing a ‘last chance’ to receive a Mozilla dino plushie. We were recently notified by the manufacturer of a small issue in the production, which I wanted to explain here. Due to the positioning of the seam between the neck and the body, the last ‘fin’ […]