Engagement Team Anthology

2014 marks the launch of a new Mozilla Foundation engagement team. We gathered in Vancouver last week to meet each other, build new systems, and plan the year. We asked everyone to author a post reflecting on 2013’s success and the challenges they hope to take on in 2014. Amira Dhalla – Year of new. […]

Quick Update on MozGear Store!

The foundation development-as-in-fundraising team have been working to set up a public-facing Mozilla gear store. Our current hope is to have it live for mid-December 2013. TL’DR: The vendors have been reviewed and selected (Treehouse and Shopify), the business plan is almost done, the cost expenditure has been approved, and the 3rd-party vendor bugs for […]

Rethinking Small Dollar Fundraising

Money-making As a non-profit, Mozilla has access to four types of revenue: grants, gifts, donations, and earned income. Our earned income streams come through Firefox, which leaves the other three – grants, gifts, and donations – to be driven by our fundraising strategy (the focus of this post). So far, and while we can always […]

Minimum Viable Partnership

How to actually start working together. Technology start-ups talk about Minimum Viable Products. The term refers to a product that has “just those features that allow [it] to be launched, and no more.” This is also a useful concept when it comes to partnership. When working with a new partner, there’s a damaging tendency to […]


This project represents a massive amount of work by a large number of volunteers in the wee hours of the morning. Had the idea at 11am the day of the speech. Was implemented by the following morning. Refined and polished over the next few days. The impact on news media and online will be huge. […]

Meet Steve.

This is Steve. Steve is unique. He is the manifestation, the entirety, the avatar of all that is right and good and true in the open world. The people. The sharing. The freedom. The hacker ethos. All of it. Steve is pretty awesome. And effective. He saved the open web from destruction. What else can […]